New Business & General Zoning Reviews

We’re glad you made it here to get the ball rolling!

INITIAL ZONING REVIEW can be completed by filling out the following application, which can also be obtained at City Hall in hardcopy form.  Once you’ve downloaded the 1-page PDF file (linked below) please complete and sign the form, then send it by mail or email (or fax) to the contact listed at the bottom of the form.

While most applications can be processed within two business days, please allow 3-5 business days for initial review results to be forwarded to the city’s zoning administrator at SAFEbuilt.  For new businesses that involve potential construction of a new building (or other building work requiring a site plan) you may also submit a “conceptual plan” with your initial zoning review form — attach separate page(s) as necessary, or email them directly to

If you have questions about the application or are having technical difficulties filling out your form, please call 269-273-1845 and ask to speak with the new business zoning administrator (or send an email to:

In compliance with our Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) initiative, zoning review for a new business may now also be done through our new online NBZRA form

Please note there is no fee associated with this initial review application.


Corrections or additions to suggest?  Please use our feedback form.