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Frequently Asked Questions:

When is my water/sewer bill payment due?
On the 15th of the month they are issued.

When will I receive my water/sewer bill?
First and Second District residents will receive utility bills in the months of February, April, June, August, October and December.  Third and Fourth District residents will receive utility bills in the months of January, March, May, July September and November.

Can I set up automatic payments?
Yes — to do so, fill out this form, sign and return it, along with a voided check, to the Finance Department at City Hall.

tap-waterWhat if my water/sewer bill becomes overdue?
The City will assess a 10% penalty on any remaining balance.

What if I receive a water/sewer shutoff notice?
You must pay the bill in full at the Finance Department in City Hall by the shutoff date to avoid interruption of service.

Are senior citizens eligible for any discounts on their water/sewer bill?
YES, the City offers a 15% discount to senior citizens 65 or older.  To enroll simply come into the Finance Department and fill out a form.  You receive a 15% discount on the first 1,100 cubic feet of water used. If you exceed 1,100 cubic feet you revert back to the regular rates.

If I am moving, how do I get my final water/sewer bill?
Call the Finance Department or come in. We will need to know the date of the final meter reading, the mailing address for your final bill and either the new buyers name or if water is to be shut off.

My water/sewer bill seems high, what do I do?
If you feel your bill is high the City will test your meter, as we are responsible for an accurate meter within the residence. You need an appointment and must be at home when the test is performed.  The City allows up to 2% before a meter is determined to be faulty.  If a meter is faulty a new meter is installed and a one-time adjustment is issued based on your average bill over the last year.  If the meter is accurate and we reinstall a meter, the customer is responsible for the meter test fee.  It is up to the customer to determine where their water usage is going.  We do provide a few suggestions for those meters that are accurate. We also mail a letter with the results of the meter test.