Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Industrial Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention

Liquid waste streams from commercial and industrial operations are unique and dramatically different from household waste streams in our community.  Federal, State, and Local regulations require specific procedures for dealing with these wastes.

Any new or existing business that discharges wastewater into the public sewer as a result of their operations must submit an Industrial User Wastewater Discharge Application and SurveyCity staff will then work with the business to ensure that the waste is properly handled and treated while meeting all Federal, State, and Local regulations.

City Staff

Taylor Davis

WWTP Superintendent


Joe Madaras

Pretreatment Coordinator


Helpful Documents

Sewer Use Ordinance

Enforcement Response Plan

Industrial User Wastewater Discharge Application and Survey

Nondomestic User Permit Sample

Infrastructure Improvements 2010 to 2013

Biofilter – Digester Off Gas Odor Control

Bio Filter

August 2010  Existing biofilter and humidification chamber prior to construction.  abandoned building around blower and humidification chamber.  Biofilter media bed plugged and need of replacement.  Significant problem with odor complaints from neighboring citizens.

2.2013July 2011  Abandoned structure torn down and disposed of and biofilter media bed replaced with lava rock base and root wood top coat.  New flushing water/soaker line installed at interface of lava rock and root wood.  Odor intensity greatly reduced, nearly all citizen odor complaints ceased.  A few citizen complaints received during southwest winds.

7.2012July 2012  Construction begins of the new biofilter and scrubber building foundations next to the existing biofilter.

9.2012September 2012  Construction of new biofilter and scrubber building nearing completion, new soil ramp being constructed to allow for ease of maintenance of biofilter media beds.  Two biofilters will provide redundancy and increased capacity to treat foul odors.  Existing biofilter was rated at 2300 CFM.  New biofilter is rated at 4700 CFM with total system capacity of 7000 CFM.

9.2012bSeptember 2012  New porous floor installation in new biofilter.  Center trough directs foul airflow up through the porous floor which holds the lava rock and root wood media.  Flushing water and condensate drain into the center trough where there is a center sloped drain.  The drain carries the water back to the head of the treatment plant.

2.2013February 2013  New biofilter substantially complete and fully operational.  Successful ATAD start-up and temperature ramp completed with absolutely no detectable odor.