Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery is located at the end of East Michigan Avenue by the curve that turns into Jefferson Avenue.  The Cemetery is approximately 87 acres with over 13,000 grave sites and space for nearly 10,000 additional grave sites.  The St. Joseph River runs along the south side of the cemetery and there are many beautiful trees located throughout the grounds.

The Cemetery is open for visitors between sunrise and sunset.

Cemetery Map

If you are interested in purchasing a cemetery lot, please contact Riverside Cemetery at (269) 273-2821.

For a complete listing of cemetery Rules and Regulations, refer to the 2018 Riverside Cemetery PDF (updated: July 2018).  This publication is also available from the Cemetery Office.


Some things which are asked about most frequently pertain to…

riverside_cemeterySeasonal Decorations

  • Summer decorations are permitted from May 1st through September 30th
  • Winter decorations are permitted from December 1st through March 15th of the following year.
  • No flowers of any kind are permitted from October 1st through November 30th.


  • Prior written approval needs to be obtained before any monuments or markers are placed in the Cemetery – at this time, people would be advised of the types, quality, and placement of the monument.
  • Only one monument or marker is permitted on each lot.
  • Only flat markers or bronze plaques installed flush with the ground are allowed in the Veterans’ Section.


  • Only one urn is permitted on a lot – contact the Cemetery Superintendent for the correct placement and requirements for the urn.
  • Urns should be planted prior to July 1 or they may be removed.

Upon reviewing the above information, including the 2018 Riverside Cemetery PDF, if you still have questions or needs regarding the cemetery, please contact Riverside Cemetery at (269) 273-2821.