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The City of Three Rivers has updated its Comprehensive Master Plan: WeAreTR: Imagine 2040, which directs city-wide policy and future decisions for land use, transportation, neighborhoods, parks, infrastructure, downtown, and more!

WeAreTR: Imagine 2040 is an action-oriented plan that identifies priority steps for the next several years! …and helps lead the City of Three Rivers into a vibrant and sustainable future!

*** Community Engagement ***
Join us for an update on progress with the City’s Master Plan and to provide input on the WeAreTR: Imagine2040 Implementation effort!

This public participation event fulfills a best practice requirement as the City pursues certification in the Michigan Economic Development (MEDC) Redevelopment Ready Communities Program!

A Community Input Survey, for those not able to participate but still want to provide input, is found further below on this page (or here)!…

Past Community Participation Events

In January 2020, a series of visioning topics for the city’s future were announced and opened to thoughts and reactions from city residents and business owners to help guide decisions and strategies for the future of Three Rivers!  This event was held at City Hall (333 W. Michigan Ave.) throughout the afternoon of Monday the 20th of January.  The interactive gathering was designed to provide feedback and share thoughts on topics including downtown development, recreation and river access, housing and neighborhoods, and local aesthetics and beautification …as well as overall city growth.

While everyone was welcomed to participate at any time, there were also facilitated discussions on the following topics…

  • Downtown Development and City Growth.
  • Housing and Neighborhoods.
  • Recreation and River Access.
  • Local Aesthetics and Beautification.
  • Transportation and Connectivity.

Immediately following, everyone was invited to participate in a march in honor of Martin Luther King Jr., beginning at City Hall.  The march went through downtown Three Rivers and up N. Main St. to the First Presbyterian Church for a dinner and celebration …“Solidarity through Diversity”… by TRAFC.  For more information refer to the TRAFC’s Facebook event page (here) or listen to the WLKM radio ad (here).


If you were unable to attend the Community Event,
you can still SUBMIT IDEAS and RANK GOALS 

_OR provide input through MAPS!…

PLEASE NOTE:  while a copy of the draft Master Plan for the public comment period (i.e., July of 2020) is no longer available, the May 2020 draft is still available for downloading: here, and (as of October 2020) a final draft was made available: here.

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Corrections or additions to suggest?  Please use our feedback form.

If you’re unable to participate in master planning in person,
and would like to submit your thoughts, please use this form.