The City of Three Rivers has 12 areas designated as City parks ranging in size from under 2000 square feet to over 80 acres. These parks are maintained through periodically updated Parks & Recreation Plans, as well as related Trails information.

Please note: City parks are open daily from dawn until dusk.

All twelve parks within City limits are listed below — also see map further below.  Click on a listed park (or in the map) for more information.  You can also find a printable map of the City parks: here.


Park Shelters

In the three main downtown-area parks—Scidmore, Memory Isle, and Conservation—there are seven park shelters available for rent. For more information about reserving a park shelter, go to the Park Shelter Reservations page.


Park Locations




The City’s Adopt-A-Park program allows people to help in the maintenance of the City’s park system.  We are fortunate to have people that are willing to plant flowers in and maintain the park areas. This is a great activity for youth groups, civic groups, and concerned citizens as it displays the pride we have in our community.  For more information please call Terri at DPS at (269) 273-1845.