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The City’s Zoning Ordinance and Map are designed to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the community by establishing minimum regulations for development and use.  The main categories of zoning districts in Three Rivers are: Business (B), Industrial (I), and Residential (R) …as well as our Airport (A).  With the exception of the city’s airport, each main category has three or more specific zones (e.g., B-2, or R-3).  Collectively, these zones (as shown below) comprise a total of 14 Zoning Districts with specific zoning and zoning-related regulations established for each; links to specific districts are provided in the bulleted list (below), and our Schedule of Regulations for all zoning districts is provided HERE; refer to Chart 3.

…or refer to entire Zoning Ordinance (City Code Ch. 30) — also available as a separate, 97-page PDF: here.

Alternatively, a list of all addresses (and parcel ID#s) within the city can be searched .. or you can submit an email with your address or parcel number.  Especially for unique properties involving more than one zoning district, you may also request a parcel zoning verification letter be sent to you for your records.  Please allow 5 business days for processing.

Please note: rezoning and other ordinances affecting zoning designations can be found on iCompass (here), and earlier zoning maps for the City (e.g., from 2017) are still available: here (or in .png format), as is our zoning code cheat sheet.


If you have questions about a specific property, please contact the city’s zoning official (269-729-9244) or GIS office (273-1845).

Archive of past zoning maps:  2021, 201720122008

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If you have questions or are having difficulty viewing current or archival zoning maps, please email the GIS office or call 273-1845.