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The City’s Zoning Ordinance and Map are designed to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of the community by establishing minimum regulations for development and use.  The main categories of zoning districts in Three Rivers are: Business (B), Industrial (I), and Residential (R) …as well as our Airport (A).  With the exception of the city’s airport, each main category has three or more specific zones (e.g., B-2, or R-3).  Collectively, these zones comprise a total of fourteen (14) Zoning Districts (shown below) …with specific regulations established for each…

…or refer to entire Zoning Ordinance (City Code Ch. 30)
…also still available as a stand-alone, 97-page PDF: here.

To view the city’s Zoning Districts among streets and parcels, use any of the links provided on this page or click on the graphic below to access the city’s interactive Zoning Map.  For HELP, refer to our Help Sheet graphic (or .pdf) for tips on using the interactive zoning map!

Interactive Zoning Map will open in new window

TIP when using the interactive map:  Search by address or Parcel ID  to show Zoning for city properties.

Alternatively, a list of all addresses (and parcel ID#s) within the city can be searched, or you can submit an email with your address or parcel number.  Especially for unique properties involving more than one zoning district, you may also request a parcel zoning verification letter be sent to you for your records.  Please allow 5 business days for processing.

Please note: the original zoning map is still available in PDF and .png formats, as is our zoning code cheat sheet (.pdf).  If you have any questions concerning a specific property, please contact the city’s zoning administrator (269-729-9244) or GIS office (273-1845).

Archive of past zoning maps:  201720122008


Web Map Help

After referring to our frequently asked questions (below) and the zoning map help sheet (also shown below), if you still have questions or are having technical difficulties with the interactive map, please email the GIS office or call 273-1845.

  1. Question: How do I zoom in on the interactive map??
    Answer: You can either use the ‘+’ Zoom Control button in the upper-left corner of the map window …or, if you are viewing the map on a laptop or other computer and have a mouse with a scroll wheel, put your mouse pointer over the map area and scroll up or down to zoom in or out.
  2. QuestionHow do you display certain things on the map and not others?
    Answer: Some of these “things” …known as Layers… will automatically appear (and disappear) as you zoom in and out, but you can also show Map Layers instead of the legend (hint: look for the icon with 3 overlapping squares) and then check or uncheck specific things in the Layers list for what you want to show or hide.
  3. Question: When I click the default extent (house) icon, it doesn’t center the map. Why not?
    Answer:  The Three Rivers area has an irregular shape with the city airport extending off to the Northeast, which affects the centroid or geometric center of the city’s area.  Note that you can hide or minimize the Map Legend (or Layers List) by clicking the top of the Map Legend bar.
  4. QuestionFor some Layers, I noticed I can Show or Hide the corresponding Labels, but when I click on this the labels are neither appearing or disappearing.  How come?
    Answer:  More than likely you are zoomed out (or zoomed in) too far on the map display.  Even when “Show Labels” is ON, the map layer has a specific range best-suited for displaying labels.  Remember, however, you can also click on the map to display the same information that is contained in labels.
  5. QuestionHow do display just B-2 zoning districts?
    Answer:  First, zoom out or go back to the full city view by clicking the default extent button (hint: house icon).  Then, in the lower-left corner of the map window, click on the “Filter Zoning (OFF/ON)” button.  Once the filter window is showing, use the toggle buttons on the right to display certain zoning groups.  Alternatively, click on ‘>’ next to the Custom Zoning Filter option, type in “B-2”, and be sure to turn the filter toggle switch ON!  Note that you can pan & zoom on the map display while the filter window is still open, and the zone you are interested in will correspond to the color shown in the Map Legend or Layers list.
Help Sheet

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