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Potential Business Locations (by Zone)

If you have a business idea for establishing in Three Rivers and don’t know which “Zone” (or zones) you can do so in, check the list below.

Once you know which zone(s) work for your idea, refer to our ZONING MAP to display the locations of the zone(s) …OR use the Zoning Map’s Search Tool to check the zoning for a specific address (or parcel ID#) within the city.

List of Potential Businesses and Uses

Click anywhere on graphic to view complete alphabetical list of businesses & zoning.

Colors shown indicate whether the business is a Permitted Use (i.e., in Green), prohibited (red), or otherwise must first meet certain conditions or provisions in each business zoning district: B1, B2 and B3.

A map of all business and other zoning districts can be accessed from this page.

Please also note that this resource is intended as an initial guide.*

This page is undergoes periodic changes based on new information.

Corrections or additions to suggest?  Please use our feedback form.


* official zoning designations for all use types are formally detailed in the City Code and can be
   looked up by address (or parcel ID#) below or in a new window here, or through the City’s
   Zoning Districts Map!   New businesses can also confirm zoning by completing a new-business
zoning review application
at no cost.