The City of Three Rivers utilizes the power of Community Engagement to inspire people living and working in our great community to influence decisions being made that shape our city and the lives & livelihood of our residents.  Engagement also means people getting involved in community building, outreach and education activities which are also important to the City.  So whether you’re a long-term resident or new to Three Rivers, we welcome you to participate and engage with other fellow citizens!

Links and other info on this page provide different ways FOR YOU to become (more) involved in our GREAT COMMUNITY!…

Come join us Friday, November 18 at 6PM for an update on the City’s Master Plan and to provide input on the WeAreTR: Imagine2040 Implementation effortCLICK HERE or tap the graphic to the left …or visit the Imagine2040 webpage for more information.

This public participation event fulfills a best practice requirement as the City pursues certification in the Michigan Economic Development Corp. (MEDC) Redevelopment Ready Communities Program!

PLEASE NOTE:  a Community Input Survey, for those not able to participate but still want to provide input, can be found HERE…!

If you’re unable to attend the Community Event,
you can still

After completing the above survey, if you have IDEAS or suggestions for a particular geographic area or place within the City: provide input through MAPS!!…




Corrections or additions to suggest?  Please use our feedback form.