Development Flowchart for Businesses and Residents

The flowchart below is designed to help businesses and city residents better understand:

the Overall Process for Zoning & Permitting

Can you get fromStarting a New Business?” (or “Building Something?“)  …navigate through various applications and requirements?  Ultimately you will want to get through INSPECTIONS to get a “Certificate of Occupancy” (or other form of approval from our building official) for your new building, project, or business!…

IF THE ABOVE FLOWCHART DOES NOT DISPLAY correctly with your web browser / browser settings, a more generic version of the same flowchart with key stages may be viewed or downloaded (as a .png): HERE.

_* # of days may depend on city staff availability and board schedule; refer to calendar for meeting dates.

_** some costs are variable (e.g., for construction) and may include a processing fee; refer to fee schedule.
__(Please also note costs shown in overview process are for businesses; residential permitting may differ.)

_*** a Certificate of Occupancy (or other form of approval) is issued by SAFEbuilt