Fees and Charges for City Services

The City of Three Rivers maintains an updated fee schedule through regular, approved ordinance updates. Specifically, the City Fee Schedule is reviewed twice annually prior to annual budget review, typically in June of each year, and at other times when necessary throughout the fiscal year.

For the Official Fee Schedule (in PDF format) please refer to COMPREHENSIVE FEE SCHEDULE << click to download the current Fee Schedule (PDF: 9 pages, 5+mb).

Should an earlier version of the fee schedule be presented by way of the aforementioned link on this page, please refer to our CITY ORDINANCES folder for all applicable ordinance updates including, when applicable, newer fee schedules issued via ordinance amendment.

In compliance with our Redevelopment Ready Communities (RRC) initiative, fees may also be viewed through a newer interactive form (here)or by clicking the graphic above.  Please note that, while the interactive form can be viewed as a regular webpage, downloading the spreadsheet app on iTunes or Google Play is recommended for best viewing results.












Please note: residential property owners within the city limits may obtain a dump pass from City Hall.  For questions regarding dump passes for City residents, please call the city’s Finance Dept. at 269-273-1075 (ext. 110).

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