City Code ~ City of Three Rivers, MI

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Pursuant to the Home Rules Cities Act, as amended (and per city Ordinance 815), a complete copy of the Three Rivers City Code is filed at the offices of the City Clerk for public use and inspection.  A complete electronic copy is available online; refer to link to current version above.  Ordinances adopted since the last fully-codified version of the City Code are also available.

Zoning Ordinance

The City’s Zoning Ordinance; i.e., Ch. 30 of the code book, is available online at no cost: HERE.  Hardcopies of Ch. 30 are available from the Finance Dept. (or City Clerk) at City Hall.  The current cost for Zoning Ordinance Reproduction is shown on page 1 of the User Fee Scheduleapproximately 50 dollars (U.S.) for one hardcopy; refer to the seventh item listed under Sect. 6-3 (Planning & Zoning Services) of current fees.

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