2022 Summer Park Programs


2022 Summer Programs in the Park

  • June 4th Green Plants Grow” Take a closer look at plants with Kalamazoo Nature Center and learn about what plants need to grow, how they grow, their different parts and why they are so important.
  • June 11th Wildlife Wonders” Join Sarett Nature Center as they bring a variety of animal friends to discuss animal adaptations and classifications.
  • June 18th – Water Festival (Petting Zoo will be open during Kids Zone)
  • June 25th – Join our friends from The Huss Project as they teach us about what The Huss Project brings to our community, including information about the local farmers market and community garden.
  • July 2nd “Slime and Scales” Join Sarett Nature Center as they compare the worlds of reptiles and amphibians. See live specimens, learn frog songs, and learn more about wetland wildlife.
  • July 9th “A Heap of Sheep” Join Jamie Cardella as she brings some sheep friends to the zoo for an educational and interactive experience.
  • July 16th Ark Animal Encounters” Come and learn about and interact with a selection of exotic pets.
  • July 23rd “Michigan Natural Resources” Join Kalamazoo Nature Center and discover some of our most important natural resources from water and timber to rocks and minerals. Learn where they come from and how we depend on them.
  • July 30th “Great Goats” Join Jamie Cardella as she brings some goat friends to the park for an educational and interactive experience.
  • August 6th Feathered Friends” Sarett Nature Center will discuss what makes a bird a bird. Learn more about important features like feathers, beaks, feet, nests, eggs, food, migration, songs, and camouflage.
  • August 13th Join DNR licensed animal rehab expert Patty Kloosterman as she teaches us about what a wildlife rehabilitator does and some things you can do to help wildlife.
  • August 20th “Michigan Mammals” Join Kalamazoo Nature Center and learn about carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores using actual animal artifacts. Get a chance to observe and feel various animal furs and skulls to identify and differentiate various Michigan mammals.
  • August 27th Who Eats Whom” Join Kalamazoo Nature Center and build a food chain from the ground up and follow the flow of energy from producers and consumers as well as from sunlight to soil. Meet a live animal and discover who eats whom in the forest.



Scidmore Park Petting Zoo and the City of Three Rivers Proudly Present…….

2022 Summer Programs in the Park

FREE educational programs will be held in the pavilion just outside the zoo gates Saturdays in
June, July, and August
from 1:00pm-2:00pm

2022 Petting Zoo Hours:

May 17th – September 3rd
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday

Scidmore Park is located at 112 Spring Street
Three Rivers, MI 49093