South St. now One-way WEST (only)


South Street now One-way WESTBOUND (only):  

To address traffic and safety concerns on South Street at Andrews school, the City of Three Rivers and Three Rivers Public Schools have introduced changes (effective today) to the traffic pattern in the area.  Most notably: the portion of South Street between S. Douglas and S. Grant Avenues has been changed from one-way Eastbound TO ONE-WAY WEST (only). 

Vehicular traffic in this area, therefore, will no longer be able to enter South Street from S. Douglas Avenue.  As in years prior, the same 4-way stop exists at the intersection of Grant Street & South Street to, in part, allow for the orderly flow of vehicles into and out of the area (including from the school parking lot).

Parents bringing their children to school are asked to use the new student drop-off area in the school’s new parking lot on the North side of the building.  Car traffic will line up going West on South Street to enter the parking lot (near the corner of S. Douglas Avenue).  After students are dropped off in the new parking lot (with designated sidewalk), parents are asked to exit the parking lot and proceed East on South Street, toward Lincoln Ave.

Busses (only) will be using the West side of the school and the city will continue to impose no parking or stopping in the area.  These changes will remain in effect year-round, not just during the school year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the City of Three Rivers Department of Public Services (DPS) at 269-273-1845.