City-Wide Trash Pick up


PUBLIC NOTICE: City-Wide Trash Pick up

The week of August 31st, 2020, the City of Three Rivers will be partnering with Waste Management to provide a one-time removal of items for residential properties.  Items accepted (see restrictions below) will be picked up by district as follows:

  • 1st District: Monday, August 31st
  • 2nd District: Tuesday, September 1st
  • 3rd District: Wednesday, September 2nd
  • 4th District: Thursday, September 3rd

For district locations, refer to map (here).  Items to be picked up should be placed on the terrace area of yard along with regular trash no sooner than the weekend prior to the scheduled pick up date.  Please note, if Waste Management is not your trash removal provider, your regular trash will be picked up separately.

The amount that will be picked up at each location is limited to three (3) cubic yards; approximately 1 pickup truck load.  Details regarding the specific items that are allowed are listed on the City of Three Rivers website.

This event does not include residents in the downtown area.  The downtown area will be provided dumpsters starting August 31st.  Dumpsters will be located in the East and West Parking lots.

The following restrictions apply to all disposed items/materials:

  2. Refuse must be neatly placed curbside in an orderly fashion.
  3. No refrigerators, freezers, or air conditioners will be accepted; unless certification sticker is placed on item indicating that the freon has been removed.
  4. No household garbage will be accepted.
  5. No individual item over 5′ long, 3′ wide, or 3′ high, weighing over 100 lbs. will be accepted.
  6. No automotive/marine batteries will be accepted.
  7. No tires or rims will be accepted.
  8. No materials that are prohibited from disposal in TYPE II landfills (paints. solvents, oils, etc.) will be accepted. (Note: Paint cans that are open and contain only DRY paint will be accepted.)
  9. No propane cylinders will be accepted.
  10. All construction/ demolition material must be less than one cubic yard in total volume for curbside pickup.
  11. No lawnmowers or small engines will be accepted unless the gasoline has been completely drained.
  12. Windows, glass, and mirrors must be less than 3′ x 4′ in size.
  13. Televisions and other electronics should not end up in landfills.  Please check with Waste Management facility‘s recycling program (e.g., Saturday mornings) for which there may be a small drop-off fee.  More info on Waste Management’s E-waste Recycling & Electronics Recycling can be found here.

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Posted July 28, 2020