Special HDC Meeting


Notice of Special Meeting:  

Notice is hereby given that the Historic District Commission (HDC) of the City of Three Rivers will conduct a special Meeting of the Historic District Commission on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 at 4:15 pm at the following location:  Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room, 57 North Main Street in Three Rivers.

The purpose of the meeting is to review the following Applications for Certificate of Appropriateness: (1) 52 N. Main St – All About Travel Signage, (2) 52 N. Main St – Brucrew Coffee CO. LLC Signage, and (3) 88 N. Main St – Three Rivers Public Library Signage. Any interested person may attend the Special Meeting and participate or submit written comments to the HDC at 57 N Main St, Three Rivers, MI 49093.

American with Disabilities (ADA) Notice:  The City will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services to individuals with disabilities at the meeting/hearing upon seven (7) days notice to the City of Three Rivers. Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the City of Three Rivers.

Laurie Kish, Secretary
Three Rivers Historic District Commission


Meeting notice (pdf)