ATAD Foam-Over Event


Positive Displacement Blower Malfunction Causes ATAD to Foam-Over

Three Rivers, MI, September 10, 2015:  On September 5th at approximately 4:50 PM a passerby noticed ATAD foam on the sides of ATAD digester at the 409 Wolf Rd. Waste Water Treatment Plant.  Plant personnel shut down the ATAD equipment and halted the foam-over event.  Personnel then removed the foam material from affected areas.  This event was believed to be caused by a malfunctioning positive displacement blower controller which has since been returned to normal service.  Approximately 2000 gallons of partially treated biosolids escaped the digester. No biosolids escaped to the storm water drains of the plant.  WWTP staff made the required notifications to Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph County Health Department for this event.