Mural Mall Update


North-Main-Street-downtown-Three-RiversThe west side of the street, all brick pavers are removed and it is ready for the new light pole feeders. The ground has been back filled and compacted and safety cones are all over with caution signs about uneven surfaces. Temporary walkways out of old pavers have been installed in high traffic areas. The bricks are being removed on the East side and the work will continue there into next week and also include the drilling and preparing for the conduit to be run for the poles.

The seat walls are being poured in the Mural Mall and we were blessed with a few days of warm temperatures this week and they will be complete in about 2 weeks. Once the seat walls are complete, the measurements can be taken which are necessary to order the handrail which will take 12 weeks to make.

We have been in close communication with MDOT to be sure all safety requirements are being met and with AEP regarding the timing of the removal of the cobra head poles, which we anticipate to be in mid-April.