Mural Mall Update


Despite the changes in weather, the mural mall project continues to make progress!  The light pole bases for the new street lights along Main Street have been poured, the underground work is backfilled and compacted. In the Mural Mall, the seat walls are completed and the subgrade is established. Planter curbs, pergola foundations, stairs and planter and attached planter walls will be completed over the next few weeks. They will also be working on the electrical underground from the new service in the Mural Mall to the street.

At this point, we are still on target for a June completion says DDA Director Christy Trammell.

The following update was provided by contractor Tom Brady.

1. Planter curbs (and related grade work) continue to be the focus for the project. This week should bring to completion all of the concrete work necessary to get the rails ordered.

2. Steel subcontractor is on site today beginning site verification work. This is the process of customizing the rail configuration to the actual pour of the curbs (item 1)

3. A few things will continue to be completed after the curbs are done, these are:

  • Storm work: The remaining catch basins will be installed over the next few weeks
  •  Electrical: Underground pipe will be finalized in the mall and feeder wire will be installed in the conduits on both sides of main street. Lightpoles for Main street are anticipated to ship March 10th. We look to receive those and erect them immediately. If all goes as expected, light poles should be up by the end of March.