South Street One-way Traffic


Due to an overwhelming need to address a traffic safety issue on South Street at Andrews school, the City of Three Rivers has teamed up with Three Rivers Public Schools to develop changes to the traffic pattern in the area.

Please be aware of the following changes on Millard, Douglas, and South Streets. The largest change is on South Street between Douglas and Grant. This section of South Street is now a one-way (eastbound only) street. Parking is only permitted on the south side of the roadway to prevent children from having to cross the street to get into a vehicle. There is now an all-way stop at the intersection of Grant Street, South Street, and the school parking lot. On Douglas, there is no parking, stopping, or standing on the west (southbound) side of the roadway, again to remove the risk of children crossing the road to get to vehicles. At the intersection of Millard and Douglas, there are signs indicating “no parking from here to corner”. This is to ensure that the busses and other large vehicles can smoothly turn the corner, and all vehicles can easily see the pedestrians in the cross walks.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the City of Three Rivers Department of Public Services at 273-1845.