Indiana Michigan Power Company Upgrades


Message from Jarrod M. Wilson –

Indiana Michigan Power Company, a unit of American Electric Power (AEP), will be upgrading several transmission lines in the area through a pole replacement project. The lines currently scheduled for upgrades include a line between Buchanan and Niles, a line between Schoolcraft and Moorepark, and a line between Three Rivers and Sturgis. During these projects, the existing wooden poles will be replaced with steel poles.

Agents from Michiana Land Services, Inc., a contract representative for AEP, are in the area talking to landowners who are directly affected by these projects. AEP will be clearing its easement area of vegetation, trees, and encroachments.

Construction crews will be in the area for the next couple of years. Since some sections of infrastructure being replaced are nearly 60 years old, this project will allow for better resistance to storms and lightning strikes. The new lines will also be positioned higher to make them less susceptible to vegetation contact. Ultimately, these improvements can help enhance reliability for electric customers.