Burning Ban – Rescinded 7/24/2012


Due to extremely dry weather conditions, and with no relief predicted in the short-term forecast, the City of Three Rivers is declaring an outdoor burning ban. The ban prohibits household burning in burn barrels, campfires, and bonfires.  The ban will be in effect until conditions improve.  A press release will be issued to announce it has been rescinded.

In addition to the burn ban, the City of Three Rivers is issuing a strong advisory regarding the careful use of consumer fireworks.  New state laws prevent the adoption and enforcement of local fireworks ordinances on the day before, the day of, and the day after designated holidays.  However, careless use now has significant consequences.  Causing damage to another person’s property is now a 90-day misdemeanor, causing serious impairment to another person’s body is a 5-year felony, and causing another person’s death is a 15-year felony.