2012 Scidmore Park Summer Programming Schedule


June 2nd

Avian Wonders – Denise Heath of Avian Wonders presents a dazzling display of pet exotic birds from all over the world.

June 9th

Backyard with the Burpee Boys – Seth and Cole Burpee, ages 14 and 11, bring you fascinating creatures from our local thickets and ponds.

June 16th

Water Festival

June 23rd

All Natural World – Pat Gillem shares detailed aspects of nature from all over the globe.

June 30th

Exotic Pet Parade – Jan Holsteg brings a few exotic babies which might include a wallaby, fennic fox, and more.

July 7th

Pet Care Secrets by ARF – The Animal Rescue Foundation brings you the best kept secrets to keeping healthy happy pets.

July 14th

Whoo’s Interested in Owls? – The Lake Milton Raptor Center presents and teaches about live Owls.

July 21st

Snakes From around the World – Michigan Society of Herpetology shares a fascinating display of pet snakes.

July 28th

Llamas in Pajamas – Judy Brook of Moondance Llamas brings llamas to the zoo; pajamas optional.

August 4th

Birds of Prey – Lake Milton Raptor Center presents hawks, eagles and owls.

August 12th (SUNDAY)

There are Dentists for Horses? – Greg Vanderwaal, a well known Equine Dentist presents things you never knew about horses’ chompers.

August 18th

Turtles, Tortoises and Lizards; Oh My! – Shawna Kline of the Michigan Society of Herpetologists brings exotic reptiles from all over the world.

August 25th

Reindeer Regalia – Country Reindeer Farm shares these beautiful and gentle creatures with the zoo.