Success in Three Rivers


The City of Three Rivers is well-known for Scidmore Park, for access to miles of navigable rivers, and as a shopping area for the surrounding lake communities. What you may not realize is the business-friendly atmosphere that the City has created as it strives to improve conditions for entrepreneurship.

The City has a strong water and sewer infrastructure that is undergoing major improvements over the next couple of years. We are able to provide the infrastructure your business needs to build, redevelop, or repurpose.

The City’s tax rates are significantly lower than nearby cities providing equivalent services. We have been supportive of tools the state has offered in tax incentives and abatements.

The City supports businesses of various sizes and sectors, including multinational corporations to small newly established ventures and automotive to service industries.

There is a talented workforce within the City and in the surrounding areas since people are drawn to the natural resources and low cost of living. Local colleges and universities work with businesses to provide the training they need from the work force.

Central Manufacturing Services Inc. is an example of a local success story. The company was recently recognized by Mann + Hummel with a certificate of excellence as commercial supplier of the year. As a City we offer our congratulations to CMS on their success and for getting the recognition they deserve. For more information, please visit

We are excited about the success of our business community and look forward to sharing their success stories with you.