Snow Route Information


An excerpt below from Chapter 20 of the City Code lists the designation of snow routes.  Please remove your vehicles from the designated snow routes until accumulated snow or ice can be removed from the full width of the street.

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our streets clear!


(B) Designation of Snow Routes. The following streets within the City shall be designated as snow routes:

Constantine Street, Main Street (South, North), Hoffman Street (West, East), Sixth Avenue, Fifth Avenue – Wood Street to Portage Avenue, North Wood Street, Michigan Avenue (East, West), Broadway Street (West, East), Eighth Street, Mechanic Street, Middle Street, Douglas Avenue (South, North), Arnold Street, Portage Avenue, Millard Street – Constantine Street to City Limits, River Street – Eighth Street to City Limits, Fourth Street – Main Street to Bell Street, Bell Street – Fourth Street to Main Street, Hill Street – Douglas Avenue to Hospital Drive, Pealer Street – Douglas Avenue to Hooker Avenue, North Hooker Avenue, Moore Street, Maple Street – Hoffman Street to Rock River Avenue, Railroad Drive, Prutzman Street, Foster Street, Water Street – Michigan to Foster, Rock River Avenue – Maple Street to West Street. Each said street shall be posted with signs clearly marking it as a “snow route”, and a record of such streets shall be maintained on file in the Department of Public Services and the Police Department.

(C) Parking Prohibited Under Certain Conditions. No person shall park or otherwise leave unattended any vehicle upon any street or avenue which has been designated as a “snow route” when conditions of snow or ice exist on the surface of a designated snow route to the extent of an accumulation of two (2″) or more inches. Parking may be resumed on streets designated as a “snow route” after the accumulated snow or ice has been removed from the full width of the street. The parking restrictions of this Subsection shall not be construed so as to suspend any other parking restriction or prohibition imposed by any other Section of this Code.