Citizen’s Interest and Volunteering

Do you have an interest in serving your community or volunteering?!?

Fill out an online Citizen Interest Form and/or find volunteer opportunities by emailing the city’s Planning office (for city-wide volunteering) …or by contacting our DDA Director for Downtown Gatherings & Events!

The form linked above is designed to obtain specific information as to your interest and qualifications for serving on a City government advisory board/commission.  The original PDF of the above linked form is provided here. Please take the time to complete the questionnaire and return it to City Hall.  You can also email a scanned copy of a completed PDF form to the city clerk.  If you have any questions, please contact City Hall at 269-273-1075.

* You can also indicate your interest in volunteering by filling out this formtip: under the ‘Department’ drop-down list, select: “Volunteer for City/Events!




Corrections or additions to suggest?  Please use our feedback form.

If you’re unable to participate in master planning in person,
and would like to submit your thoughts, please use this form.