TRFD Celebrates Fire Insurance Rating Milestone


The Three Rivers Fire Department is proud to announce that the Insurance Services Office (ISO) has improved the fire insurance rating for the City of Three Rivers from Class 5, to Class 4. The change took effect officially on August 1, 2012. This improved rating will reduce insurance premiums for many residential, commercial, and industrial property owners in the City of Three Rivers. There are only 102 fire departments in Michigan rated this high, and only 5,019 nationwide.

The ISO collects and evaluates information from communities in the United States on their structure fire suppression capabilities. The data is analyzed using a Fire Suppression Rating Schedule (FSRS™) and then a Public Protection Classification (PPC™) number is assigned to the community. An on-site evaluation was conducted in the fall of 2009 and the city retained the Class 5 rating, earned in 1995, with a score of 59.08%; less than one point shy of earning a Class 4 rating.

The Fabius-Park Fire Department was evaluated next and was assigned an improved rating in August of 2011. After it was confirmed that the initial-aid agreement between the TRFD and FPFD signed in 2010 contributed in part to their improved score, the TRFD requested reciprocal consideration from the ISO. The city received notification in April of 2012 that the initial-aid agreement was enough to surpass the sixty-point benchmark for a Class 4 rating.

By sharing resources, both fire protection areas reaped the benefits of an improved rating. “This is a perfect example of the power of regional cooperation”, said fire chief Dan Tomlinson of the TRFD. Not only did we increase street-level fire suppression services, we provided a costreduction opportunity for property owners. It is success stories like this that deserve Governor Snyder’s attention”. The city will be exploring if the initial-aid agreement will qualify the city and the surrounding townships of Fabius, Lockport, and Park for additional financial incentives from Lansing.

To add to the celebration, August 1st marked the 30th anniversary of the TRFD ambulance service and staff members also recognized Captain Mark Ankney for reaching 30 years of dedicated service. Tomlinson pointed out that “Without the fire department we might not have an outstanding level of ambulance service, and without the ambulance service we might not have an outstanding level of fire protection; especially one worthy of a Class 4 rating. That is why I am a staunch advocate for fire-based emergency medical services.”