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Our Downtown Historic District

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Historic places tell the story of our community.
They are the tangible links to our past and the
physical representation of the people and events
that shaped our unique history in this place. Older
buildings reinforce a sense of community because
they provide continuity and serve as repositories
for shared experiences. Communities that retain
their historic character and vibrant commercial
areas attract businesses and residents of all ages
because of the variety of workspaces, housing
choices, cultural attractions, and entertainment
options available. The purpose of historic
preservation is not to freeze buildings to a certain
time period, but rather to sensitively evolve them
as times change. By establishing a local historic
district, we are able to protect the integrity of these
important buildings, while allowing for changes to
make them useful today.

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Location of Historic District

The city’s downtown historic district can be viewed on a PDF map or with our Interactive Map Viewer.

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